Little-Known Facts About Singapore

If you think you already knew about Singapore, think again. Like treasures there are a lot of things that are hidden or are not known by tourists as well as few Singaporeans. Check this out.


1.       Singapore has the youngest iPhone developer in the world

His name is Lim Ding Wen. He was just a nine year old boy that made an app that is called the iPhone Doodle Kids. This app allows iPhone users to paint shapes like triangle, rectangle, square, circles and more and with different sizes and colors. It has been downloaded many times in the App World.

2.       Singlish: the language that only Singaporeans understands

While Americans are using fine English, Singaporeans uses English as their main language. However, the only thing that made Singapore English difficult to understand is because of the combined words they are using. At the end of every word, sentence of conversation, there is always this “ah” sound. For instance, “You have to go there to get the money-ah”. Try it. You’ll be laughing once you do it.


3.       Seriously, toilets are not taken for granted

Aside from the chewing gum law, there is a law that was implemented so that public toilets become clean. Back with the old times, public toilets are abused by many people. Since then, the most strict law has been implemented so that people who are abusing public toilets will be punished accordingly. Also, the Restroom Association of Singapore requires every public toilets to be clean.