How Restaurants Can Makes Customers to Spend More

Singaporeans love different dishes and cuisines. If you go around Singapore, you will find various themed restaurants from Italian to Greek, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese and many more. Eating out is common here that there are others who do not care how much they spend just to eat delicious foods. Knowing that, restaurants are keen on providing the best service as a way of enticing their customers to spend more.


If you are a restaurant owner, of course you will use different tricks to entice your customers. This will translate to more profit, yeah? But how can you trick your customers to spend more? Here are some tips that you can consider:

  • Do not use dollar signs: When you are building your menu, forget about the dollar sign. Just put the number without it because customers will be reminded that they are spending money. The number is enough reminder that they are spending money, do not stress it further.
  • Get tricky with numbers: There are other restaurants that put cents in their menu. If you want your menu to be cleaner and simpler, forget about the cents.
  • Use exceptionally descriptive language: Items that use exceptionally descriptive language tend to sell more. Beautiful words are more appealing than simple ones.


  •  Think of warm names: If you want to entice your customers, you should know that giving warm names on the menu can make a difference. For example, Aunt Mary’s potato salad or Grandma’s famous homemade cookies.
  • Employ ethnic food terms: You can also employ ethnic food terms when you name your dishes. For example, if you specialize in Italian cuisine, your dishes must sound Italian.
  • Highlight special foods: You should visually highlight special foods. Your menu should be designed in such a way that it highlights special and expensive foods. You can for example bold and fancier fonts with delectable photographs.
  • Know reading patterns: Do you know that there is such thing as analysing your customer’s reading patterns? There are series of eye fascinations called scanpaths that you can use. Scanpaths will give you an idea of how people read things. In the case of restaurants, you should put your expensive items in the upper right corner of the menu board because it is where your customer’s eyes go first. You can use this to your advantage.

Hopefully the things mentioned above can help you with your profit and customer satisfaction. Restaurant business is complicated and it will make a difference if there are few tricks up your sleeve. If you are the customer and you do not want to spend more money, you have to look for the tricks mentioned above to avoid pitfalls.