How Much Does it Cost to be Pregnant in Singapore?

Pregnancy is indeed a blessing especially for couples who tried so hard. While being pregnant brings a lot of joy to the soon-to-be mother, the cost is another thing. Once we have confirmed our pregnancy, it is crucial that we determine our course of action throughout our pregnancy.


The cost of pregnancy here in Singapore is not fixed since everything depends on our choices of specialists and hospitals. For example, at a public hospital the cost of antenatal consultations (which includes check-ups, screening and tests) cost at least $400. At a private hospital, the cost of antenatal consultations starts at $150 not to mention the separate fees for ultrasound that can cost at least $180.

Many Singaporeans think that private hospitals will give them better service and care. That is their prerogative. For those who have money setbacks, public hospitals will do. We have to try; we might have a positive experience.


The good news is that the government subsidizes some of our screenings and tests during pregnancy. In fact, the government can subsidize antenatal expenses up to $450. We only need to claim it from Medisave. Now that we know the cost of tests and check-ups alone, we should consider baby things like clothing, bottles, toys and other accessories. Baby clothes start from $5 for example.

When we are about to give birth, we have to decide the room. For example, a delivery room can cost from $2000 to $3000 – granting that we have a normal delivery. If there are complications, caesarean is a must and it costs from $3000 up.

The point here is to be prepared. Pregnancy is serious so we need a plan.