Coping with Postpartum Depression


You just gave birth and you love your baby more than anyone in the world but why do you feel so blue? Everyone is ecstatic for that wonderful baby except you. This is supposed to be a happy time. If you are feeling this, you have to know that you are not alone. You do not have to keep it and endure whatever you are feeling alone.


The truth is you are experiencing a natural phenomenon for new mothers. It is called postpartum depression. About 80% of new mothers experience postpartum depression. Some amount of emotional vulnerability is normal and expected after the mother gives birth but it should only last no longer than two weeks. If you are still irritable, moody, anxious, weepy or unable to sleep after two weeks, it is time that you should know how to get over postpartum depression.

There are many mothers here in Singapore who are enduring postpartum depression. You have to learn how to cope up. The first thing that you need to do is to recognize that you are suffering from postpartum depression. You should get the help of experts and take care of yourself. Here are some ways on coping up with postpartum depression:

Be good to thyself. You should look after yourself and not ignore your needs. Your baby needs you more than anyone else in the world. You have to look after yourself. Try to get some sleep and eat healthy foods. Do not think that you are a bad mother just because you know you have depression.

Do not expect too much. If you have depression, it is just enough to wake up and face the day as it is until you get better. Do not expect too much because you will only be disappointed. If you are having a difficult time, you should never face it alone and underestimate it. You need the love and support of the people around you. Do not hesitate to seek for it.502854e37a9b28be_466464757.xxxlarge_2x

Share whatever you feel. You have to tell your husband, parents or friends about how you feel. If you have to, join a mother support group. The important thing here is not hiding whatever you are feeling and get inspiration from women who also experienced the same thing.

Get rest. Caring for a newborn baby is enough to leave you tired and exhausted every day. It is therefore important that you get your rest. There are other mothers who do not cope with depression because in the first place they do not give their selves enough time to rest and recuperate.

Take it slow. Many mothers are left tired and exhausted because when the baby sleeps, they catch up with work too. The exhaustion will never improve things. Think that chores can wait and you need all the energy.

Mother In Nursery Suffering From Post Natal Depression