BBQ Wholesale – How To Cook Your Food

Some of the most popular ways of cooking food is by grilling. In fact, it is the oldest and simplest method of cooking that is known to us. In Singapore, local restaurants and hawker centres specialize in a wide variety of grilled foods including otah, chicken wings, satay, pork ribs, steak, and squid to name a few. However, while grilling is a popular cooking style, not everyone knows how to do it. But that doesn’t mean it’s really difficult to learn. Below are the basics of grilling and barbecue.

Equipment and Tools
Perfect cook grilling experience in Singapore can be achieved by having the right tools and equipment for grilling food. Don’t worry because grilling doesn’t require too many things or utensils. First, you need to have a BBQ wholesale food, charcoal grill or gas grill. Aside from that, you also need grilling tools, such as tongs, brushes, spatulas and forks. These items are necessary to get foods on or off the Singapore BBQ grill and for flipping. You also need a different tong to move the hot charcoals around. When you buy these tools, choose the ones with wooden handles as this doesn’t heat as easily. You can also buy a meat thermometer to help determine the correct amount of heat for different meats. Furthermore, a water sprayer can help you extinguish flare-ups and gloves can help protect your hands from getting burned.

Lighting the Charcoal
Perfectly grilled foods are created with good timing, right level of temperature and the closeness of the meat to the coals. You can conclude that perfect wholesale grilling in Singapore is characterized by the adjustments you do with temperature and proximity as you go along the grilling. For safety purposes, make sure that the grill is far from any combustible materials. Also do a quick check of the grill vents. Make sure they are open and that there should be nothing that clogs up in them. Here’s a tip in lighting the charcoal. Make a pyramid of charcoal 20-30 minutes before grilling to provide ventilation to the coals. After, wet the coals thoroughly with lighter liquid. Let it stand for a minute to allow the liquid to seep in the coal. Then light with a match, lighter or candle.

On the Act of Grilling
Once you have the needed BBQ wholesale food, grilling tools and the charcoal is properly going, you’re good to go for grilling! To help you further, keep these simple pointers in mind. If you want to make a barbecue sauce out of the marinade where you soaked your meat, boil it first to kill the bacteria. Be extra careful when grilling chilies or hot peppers as the smoke can burn your eyes. In grilling vegetables, soak them in cold water for about 30 minutes to avoid them from drying. For vegetables with thick skin, water can easily enter if you cut off the ends. As much as possible, cover your grill during the cooking process. Such manner helps in keeping the flavour and also helps avoid flare-ups.