Wedding Gown Trends for 2013

For girls, worrying about their Singapore wedding dress is only natural. This is because wedding day is one day when they want to look their best. Not only should wedding gown be the latest and trendy, it should also be god fitting and according to the figure and height of the Singapore bride to be worth investing in it. Copying your friend who got married last month may not be a good idea as you have a different personality and a different taste from her as well. Wedding dresses are lavish to say the least; they are heavy and costly because rich fabrics are used to make them. They are also full of embellishments and are adorned with brocade and embroidery. All this of course makes wedding gowns expensive.

The latest trends in wedding gowns in 2013
Like all other garments, Singapore wedding dresses also undergo changes with seasons and years reflecting the current trends and the likings of the people. However, most of the times, these changes come from fashion designers who predict the upcoming Singapore trends and display these trends in their designs of wedding dresses. If we talk about recent trend in wedding dresses, one can see that top designers of the world like z wedding are paying attention to making wedding gowns more romantic yet simpler and closer to life than ones in previous years. Instead of free flowing gowns, tight fitting A-line gowns that are made to present tall and curvy brides would be in fashion this year. If one looks at the collections of various designers such as Z wedding dress Singapore in the fashion capitals of the world, it becomes clear that the focus of Singapore designers in 2013 would be to make wedding dresses that are more chic and romantic and have a dramatic effect than wedding gowns of yester years. Large tiered skirts with floral and beaded embellishments will dominate the year in the bridal studios. For spring, laces and soft colors are sure to take over white dresses.

Gold is the color forecasted to dominate
2013 is also a year when retro look is going to dominate bridal wear with wedding dress being more creative and romantic than in previous years. Gold is going to be in fashion in fall and winter seasons with golden shoes, bags and brocade on wedding gown going to be preferred by brides.

Another dominant feature running across wedding gowns would be large floral prints on daring skirts at least in spring 2013. For summers, pleated organza would be a dominant theme. If you recall, pleated organza was immortalized by Jacqueline when she married John F Kennedy. However, organza would be kept light to not distract to be bride. Visit any bridal studio like z wedding and you will be greeted with various designs in above mentioned trends.

It is a fact that girls like to be seen as trendy, wearing the latest wedding dress than following previous year trends. However, there is a word of caution that a girl has to keep an eye on her physique before finalizing a wedding gown from a Singapore bridal boutique that looks lousy on her.