Things to Consider About Outdoor Safety Lighting

Outdoor lighting in Singapore properties is not only for home aesthetic purposes, although it certainly provides artistic benefits to your home’s exterior at night. The major benefit of outdoor lighting is that it helps protect your property against threat of home break-ins: without sufficient lighting, your home may become a prime spot for burglars come nightfall. You cannot risk this potential disaster, so make sure to call a licensed electrician to get this home electrical works taken care of.

Types of Outdoor Safety Lighting

While there are plenty of options available in Singapore market, we recommend these five for you to consider.

1. Driveway Lighting

Driveway and pathway lighting does not only enhance the facade of your home; it also allows safe entry and exit for homeowners. This is especially helpful during emergencies that require you to evacuate your premises quickly, such us during a fire. And although it seem more difficult to enter through the front door, burglars will try it anyway, so you need sufficient lighting to warn malicious people that someone is home, which will likely fend them off.

2. Motion Sensors

Perhaps, this is the most effective form of safety lighting that can be installed by Powermax licensed electricians in Singapore for both residential and commercial properties, as they turn on at the slightest sign of motion. This lighting flashes so quickly that it can scare away intruders. When installing, make sure that the lighting fixture is mounted closer to the property, since you would not want the light to flash for any passersby and passing cars. The close proximity will ensure that the intruder will have to get really close to your home, leaving them in difficult situation once the sensors detected them.

3. Post Torches

While post torches are primarily for decorative purposes, they also provide big help for preventing burglars from entering through the backyard. Thieves often try to enter properties through the backdoor, thinking that this area is often less protected. With the installation of these lighting fixtures, however, they will likely think twice about entering your property and will be easily detected once they make an attempt.

4. Hanging Lights

When looking for a way to illuminate the doorway and front porch, hanging lights are an option you should consider. Since they light up your doorway, burglars will be less inclined to break in. Moreover, it provides safe lighting when leaving and entering your home. In terms of aesthetic, this lighting illuminates the architectural beauty of your property, shedding light on parts of your home that often go unnoticed.

5. Flood Lighting

This type of outdoor safety light is incredibly effective in providing a wash of light for the entire outdoor area. It is ideal for both home safety and aesthetic, especially when it gives you control for up and down lighting. These lights illuminate so brightly that it can shed light on property features like shrubbery and trees, therefore leaving very little space for intruders to hide if they attempt to break into your property.

Things to Consider Before Light Installation

While outdoor lighting should be installed as soon as possible, make sure to discuss the following with your electrician before making any purchase.

• Use Outdoor-Designed Fixtures

Although a good electrician already knows what kind of fixtures to use, it never hurts to remind them to only use outdoor-designed bulbs and cords. If buying the lights your own, always read the fine prints to see if the lights and extension wires are ready for outdoor weather. Failure to do so may lead to costly repairs and replacements much sooner than you expected.

• Keep Everything in a Safe Distance

Remove clutter from the surrounding area, and make sure flammable objects are kept in a safe distance. If not, just a single small spark from your lighting fixture may cause a fire in your property.

• Install GFCI

A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) can save your property—and your life—by automatically shutting off power when there is any irregular flow of current happening in the circuit. It is particularly important to install a GFCI in areas where electricity and water are likely to come in contact. Make sure to discuss this with your electrician for your and your property’s safety.

• Purchase Weather-Resistant Receptacles

Like extension wires and bulbs, you also need to use weather-resistant receptacles that are ready to endure dampness or heating without a problem. It is much better to use them instead of running wires through a window or door.

How Outdoor Safety Lighting Can Help You

If you want to guarantee safety for your family and your hard-earned investment, talk to your electrician services company about installation of home security lighting. While you not have experience home break-in ever since, it is nonetheless vital to have adequate lighting at all times. Let an electrical professional check your home and determine the right places for your outdoor security lights. Lighting your outdoor space properly helps avoid accidents by illuminating otherwise dark areas, such as walkways, patios and paths, and keep burglars from trying to break into your home.

Having your outdoors well lit will guarantee optimum security, as well as provide peace of mind, especially in times when you are far away from home. A reputable electrician services company should be able to provide with the right outdoor lighting solution to keep the threat of burglary break-in at bay and boost property value to something you would probably want to sell your property for.