Preparing for the Run

If you are interested to join a marathon, or even just a fun run, you should know that there are particular things you should do in order to come prepared to the race. Among other things, you need to learn to handle shortness of breath, pacing and cramps – because only then will you surely make it to the finish line. Here are some things that you need to prepare:


1. Prepare weeks before the race. If you can make a schedule of your training, you should do it and make sure that you stick to it. Creating a schedule will help you manage your time, your body and your pace. Your schedule should not just include training time, but resting time as well as this is also crucial to conditioning your body.

2. Eat the right food. You need all the nourishment that you can get in order to have enough energy for the run. It is therefore crucial that you eat the right food and make sure that it is nourishing enough.

3. Run on a gradual but increasing pace. You should prepare at least seven weeks before your scheduled run. This is called training. You need to run on a gradual but increasing pace every day until such time that you can take 5km or 10km.

These are simple things but if you do not consider it, it might cost your life. Preparedness is very crucial especially if you are talking about 5km or 10km run. If you are a beginner, it will be helpful if you take it slow so you will not strain or stress your muscles.