Live Music For Romantic Weddings

Wedding live music brings magic. It is a matchless entertainment for you and your guests. Imagine a wedding reception with no music on the background. Certainly nobody will like the dull and dry atmosphere. When it comes to wedding music entertainment, you got a choice among pre-recorded music, DJ, or a wedding live band Singapore.

Good Vibe
Your type of music from a wedding live band in Singapore can help solidify your wedding theme and set the atmosphere of your wedding as a whole. Keep in mind that it is one important thing that your guests will remember. When you choose a band, make sure that you think of the genre that will best suit your personalities as a couple and will reflect the kind of atmosphere you want to create. Moreover, the way the live band delivers the music also has a great impact to the ambiance.

Variety of Music
Just like your wedding menu is varied, your wedding live music should also be diverse. Remember, your guests are comprised of young and old people alike, and ladies and gentlemen. Thus, it will be best for you if you can hire a Singapore wedding live band with a wide range of repertoire, covering a variety of genres. An ideal live band can play a little bit of rock and roll, country music, pop, jazz, and even classic. Once you find a group of musicians that can play fast and slow songs, new and old tunes, then that is the live band that is perfect for your wedding.

The Cost of a Live Band
Weddings are generally expensive, and let’s face the fact that hiring a wedding live band Singapore can pose additional threat to your pockets. If we can only get by without making our wedding extra special, then for sure we will forget about having awesome wedding live music. However, that will never be possible as good entertainment is highly necessary to make your wedding very special and memorable. In general, band prices differ according to the number of musicians. The bigger the group, the more people you need to pay, and therefore the more expensive it becomes. Aside from the number of musicians, other factors that affect the cost include the day and season your wedding day falls on, as well as the amount of time you will require the band to play for.

The Music Stage
Performers need a stage. They need to stay on a raised platform not only to elevate themselves but also to have the feeling of being secluded from the others. This kind of setup is necessary for them to fix their focus on playing real good music to entertain you and your guests. For this reason, your venue should be fairly large to accommodate the band and their instruments. Don’t get a large band if your wedding venue is relatively small. It will only result to crowd congestion. Moreover, consult with the management of your wedding venue if they have certain specifications or restrictions on live bands. These may involve the number of musicians and the equipment they can bring in the venue. You should also confirm if there is an enough electrical power supply and if there are limitations to noise. You should settle such concerns before you scout and book a Singapore wedding live band.