Health Screening Questions to Answer

Filling up Health screening questionnaires is an essential part of Singapore health screening packages, may it be for personal or corporate health screening. It helps determine health-related information of a person, which is a necessary requirement in making diagnoses and preventative health care measures. Health centres in Singapore encourage residents to regularly undergo screening procedures to be able to educate themselves about their health condition and how to further develop healthier lifestyle. For the assessors to provide complete health assessment, health screening questions should be asked first to come up with an accurate result of a person’s current mental and physical conditions.

Current Medical Condition
Part of health screening packages is the filling up of health assessment forms. In this part, the health screening form will collect facts about how the person currently feels, what disease they currently suffer, and if they’re taking any medication. These Singapore questionnaires typically contain checklists that are answerable with Yes or No, which patients are supposed to mark if they’ve experienced any of the given medical conditions enumerated on the form. Oftentimes, these lists are grouped into general medical classifications, like cardiovascular conditions and respiratory conditions. Other times, questionnaires break down the classifications by naming specific conditions, including bipolar disorder or cataracts.

Medical History
The next part consists of questions pertaining to a person’s medical history in Singapore. Furthermore, questions about medical history of the relatives are included as well. Assessors need to know if there are genetic diseases and conditions in the family to help explain a patient’s current medical condition. Medical researchers said that the presence of certain diseases in a person’s system can be greatly attributed to their genes. Screening questions for a person’s Singapore medical history usually include questions like if a person had undergone any surgeries, accidents, injuries, hospitalizations, heart attacks, or has been on any kind of medication. Asked questions pertaining to a patient’s family history typically comprises things like whether anybody in the family has diabetes, cancer, heart conditions, depression and other health conditions that are related to genetics.

Habitual Behaviour
The health habits that people currently have can greatly contribute to their present health conditions. Drinking, smoking, and intake of prohibited drugs are just some of the things that health assessment forms will inquire about. Singapore health screening centres use questions like if you have ever felt guilty about the amount of alcohol you take and whether you’ve experienced someone asking you to cut back your alcohol consumption. Assessment forms for health screening from Singapore also include questions like if you have ever smoked cigarettes, how long you’ve been smoking and how many cigarette sticks or packs you usually consume per day. Moreover, the number of glasses of water you drink in a day, the type of physical activities you have, and the frequency of your exercise per week can also be found on the evaluation questionnaires. Those questions are made to let the evaluators know what kind of lifestyle you have – active or not – and if you’re getting the standard amount of water intake each day.

These questions are very essential to help evaluators determine the kind of Singapore health screening package fits to the medical needs and what medication should be given to a person.