Best Things a Woman Must Do When in Trouble

Most of the time, girls becomes independent and entrusting their safety to the people around them. However, there are times that this will happen because the reality is that many girls are scared to trust anybody because of the many things that might happen to them. These are the best things that a girl should do whenever she faces a real danger.


  • When you are going home and choose to ride a taxi, always make sure that you got all the information that you can get in your way to home late night. Also, give all the details to your mother of father and other relatives, if nobody answers your call, pretend to have a conversation with someone. By doing this, the driver would be in doubt to do crime. Hence, he will just bring you home very safe.


  • Moreover, if the taxi you are riding turn to a direction that you think might be suspicious, choke the driver using any string that you have. If ever it is not present, you can hardly pull his shirt. This will also do the same trap.
  • In addition, if you are walking along the streets and found that there are no cars or any vehicles available, walk as fast as you can as this will limit the chance of the stranger to follow you. However, if you think that he is still following you. Go to an ATM machine. Since ATM machines have CCTV cameras, strangers would leave you alone.

Always remember that criminals don’t want to be identified. Therefore, as much as possible be alert and keep an eye on the information that you can get in a person.